Every Order Received Before 2 P.M. Ships The Same Day With 100% Accuracy Or It's Free.

Client Reviews
  •  Lynx Fulfillment is one of the easiest and most accommodating service providers we have ever worked with. Their commitment, attention to detail, proactive initiatives, honesty and hard work have been key factors in helping our company, and our relationship with them, ... 

    Cathy Richards, Wellness Foods

  •  We consider Lynx to be a secret competitive advantage for us. Over and over people respond at the speed of delivery, the excellent customer service and how friendly and professional the Lynx people are. 

    Carol J. Rady, HDS MEDALLION

  •  You have provided us with excellent service for as long as we have been working together.  

    Ayal Kellman, Israel 365

  •  YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! 

    Julie Kluh, Seatails

  •  Working with you and Lynx Fulfillment was a critical part of this project, thank you for being so flexible. 

    Bill, SunCommon

Lynx Fulfillment is now Logistics Plus Fulfillment Solutions!

Believe it or not, Logistics Plus Fulfillment Solutions (aka LP Fulfillment) is a lot like YOU!

Most of the small to mid-sized companies we work with are entrepreneurs or business managers who started with a dream of pursuing their passion by delivering high quality products to their customers. And all of them are extremely dedicated on keeping promises, meeting deadlines and helping customers save money. LP Fulfillment is, too! In fact, we are more like you than you realize, and that’s why we are so committed to help you achieve your goals, build your business and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


Because of this connection and personal obligation to you, we are able to offer an exceptionally ambitious guarantee that every order we receive before 2:00 p.m. ships the same day, with 100% accuracy, or it’s FREE.


Astonishing? Yes! Unbelievable? Hardly.


At LP Fulfillment, we understand your needs and level of loyalty to your clients. But we’re more than just a packaging company! LP Fulfillment offers an array of services that are designed to improve your customer’s experience.


Innovative software enables quick and easy management of your orders, while integrating a seamless solution to your organization’s fulfillment requirements. This helps you manage inventory more effectively and frees up more time for your staff to do more important things. Let us pick, pack and ship it for you.


While we’re on the topic of improving customer experiences, LP Fulfillment also caters to International customers with a large warehouse to store your products. When North American customers purchase them, you no longer have the hassle of customs hang-ups, increased postage and delivery expenses, or longer wait times. Domestic ecommerce retailers will also enjoy the ability to promise customers faster and more dependable shipping services, for less.


Our call center has also become a big hit, and we’ll show you why. Instead of calling who-knows-where to ask who-knows-what, our attentive receptionists can answer your customers’ calls promptly, without having to press 50 prompts to get a live voice. Our agents are real people who we screen, interview and like. (They didn’t pay us to say that, either). They are good at forming fast rapport with inbound and outbound callers, as well as handling inquiries professionally and courteously. Let us answer and handle calls – so that you can maximize your time – while giving your customers the attention and care they deserve!


All of LP Fulfillment’s services are designed to generate greater customer loyalty and increased business down the road; as people begin to perceive you as a reliable source of great products and as a company who delivers on its promises.


So, you see? We are a lot alike. We both want to exceed customer expectations and make a living doing what we love to do. LP Fulfillment also enjoys finding partners who share in this vision for mutual success. Maybe that is you. Let’s talk!

Improve your customer service experience with LP Fulfillment.

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