3 Tips For Managing Your Order Fulfillment

As I speak with clients and prospects, they are often amazed by the kind of company that Lynx Fulfillment is.  We do not hard sell our services and we do not overstate our capabilities.  We always offer our advice whether a prospect will use Lynx Fulfillment or another fulfillment center.


Last year I sent out an email containing several tips for managing your fulfillment.  I heard from many people about those tips and so I thought it would be a great time to make another installment.


Tin Cans

As a child I remember playing with two tin cans connected by wire.  My brother would talk into his can while I held my can to my ear.  His muffled voice would come through and more often than not we’d put our cans down confused about what the other had said.  Your customers may feel as if your message is muffled if you are not sending delivery confirmation emails.  And so, to clear up the muffled communication they will call or email you.  The simple act of communicating when their order has shipped will cut your customer service costs – in may cases by half.


It’s All In The Package(ing)

Proper packaging of your products will not only cut down on calls from customers complaining of damaged merchandise, but also save you time and money.  Take a packaging survey and reduce the number of similarly sized boxes and envelopes.  The cost savings of purchasing packaging in larger quantities will often outweigh any cost associated with shipping a box that is an inch or two larger.  Be sure that you are using the proper void-fill for your shipment.  Packing paper may be good for hard goods, but will not always be effective for more fragile items.  Keep in mind that dimensional weight is used by shipping carriers so it is important to keep your size as small as possible when shipping bulky, but light items.


Happy Returns

Customer returns can be an opportunity to earn repeat business.  Providing a return form within the initial shipment not only allows for a guide in returning an order, but also could provide valuable intelligence as to why customers are making returns.  Timing is everything with returns and effectively communicating that a return has been received, a credit or refund processed and the new items shipped can lead to a buying experience that puts you ahead of the competition.


Whether you use Lynx Fulfillment, another fulfillment provider or handle fulfillment yourself, these tips could help your business.


Yours in Fulfillment,

Patrick Randolph

Founder and Managing Partner


International + 1 716 213 6145

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