Excerpt from Patrick Randolph’s speech at JCC’s BizWars!

Patrick Randolph is often asked to speak about entrepreneurship.  In March, he was asked to participate in Jamestown Community College’s BizWars!  Local high school students were invited to participate in a day of entrepreneurial study.  Below is a small excerpt from Patrick’s speech.


“There are two things that I want you to take away from today.  The first is that you must continually educate yourself.  I do not mean just in terms of course work, but I mean in life, in your career, in every effort you make.  Do not be satisfied that you put in a weeks effort and were rewarded by financial compensation.  You need to consider your compensation to be the knowledge you gained that week, month or year.  Do not settle just for knowing how to do your job, but ask the questions about why your job is important, where it fits in.  Learn what the person next to you is doing and why.  This makes you far more valuable to the company you work for or will someday own……The second thing that I want you to take away is that you need to celebrate your victories.  As entrepreneurs we are constantly focused on what is in front of us.  We never take the time to look back at how far we have come.  We never celebrate our victories.  So every now and again – stop – look back – and raise your arms in victory.  But don’t dwell.  Raise your arms, smile and be proud, then put your arms down and focus on what is next.”


Today – we salute our future entrepreneurs and business leaders.  If the students attending BizWars were any indication of our future – we have a lot to look forward to.

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