On The Ground Experience Matters In Logistics

When you are dealing with a Logistics provider, it is nice to find one that has been to the countries where the inventory is shipping from and shipping to.  We were reminded of this when Jim Berlin, a Partner at Lynx Fulfillment and the CEO of Logistics Plus, sent an update of his travels.


February 21, 2013




Just finished up 2 good days in Tripoli.  George and I met up with Zoerb yesterday, where we got to spend some good quality time with our LP Libya partner, Farag Marhoom, and with Emad al Adem, who we haven’t seen since opening up our Logistics Plus Turkey office a couple of years ago.


Our visit came just a day or two after the celebrations of the 2nd Anniversary of Libya’s revolution, and spirits were still high.  The new Libyan flag was EVERYWHRE – on buildings, cars, street poles, wires – and people seemed optimistic, friendly and courteous – even while driving :).  An exciting time to be here, as people try and stabilize things after 42 years of Kadafi’s rule and begin to build a new society.  I know there have been lots of travel warnings for here, but really, that is often more hype than reality (I’ve seen that before) and in this case, Tripoli seemed very relaxed and forward thinking.


Jim Berlin Libya

Jim Berlin, on left, in Tripoli along with Zoeb and Farag in front of an Ancient Roman ruin from the time of Marcus Aurelius.


Libya is one of the largest oil producers in the world, but has to rebuild its infrastructure after the war, and get things moving again. It will be a BIG job (with A LOT of freight coming here to do so) and LP is well positioned to continue to grow our presence here. Farag had a good team before the war and is in the process of rebuilding it afterwards. After all, not much moved during that time, as the war was going on. In fact everywhere you look are partly finished building projects–hotels, apartments etc that all now need to be sorted out about who owns them, and who continues building them, so things have been at a standstill. Plus many buildings were bombed out and now need to be rebuilt. So lots of work to do.


But the Libyan people are optimistic and know that they have a large country, with a population of only 6 million people, with almost a thousand miles of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, many historic sites, and only a 2 hour flight from Europe, that can become a major tourist destination.  And, remember, revolutions are not easy things. I am reading Alexander Hamilton’s biography now, and it took many, many years for things to “settle down” after America threw off British rule. In fact many historians contend that the revolution really did not end til the Civil War, nearly 100 years later. I am sure it won’t take Libya that long, but these are not simple changes taking place.


Here is the view of the Tripoli port from our hotel.


Port Tripoli


Jim Berlin, Founder and CEO of Logistics Plus, Inc.

In 1996 with only three employees, one customer and $120,000 in  annual revenue Jim founded a logistics and transportation company –  Logistics Plus in Erie, PA. In 2004 Ernst & Young recognized Jim as  Western Pennsylvania’s “2004 Entrepreneur of the Year” and in 2008  Logistics Plus was recognized by The Wall Street Journal as one of the  35 Top Small Workplaces in America.  Today, Logistics Plus has grown to more than 200 employees with  offices in 20 countries and over 300 customers in nearly 50 countries.

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