Small Business Focus: From Zero to Sixty in Four Seconds with Kickstarter

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Your great idea just received the backing of hundreds or even thousands, but now what?  Your celebration has just turned into concern as you now go from elation to concern.  You ask: How am I going to ship all of those orders?

Your concerns focus on how to handle the volume of orders that you received.  As a fulfillment center devoted to small and mid-sized businesses, we have the experience that you need to successfully fulfill your Kickstarter campaign.

To that end – we have a few tips that will guide you in successfully fulfilling your orders.


Plan, Plan, Plan


Many of our clients have come to us after they have been funded.  This is not the end of the world, but your stress level will be considerably lower if you start working with us before or early on in your campaign.  While it is not uncommon to handle the order fulfillment yourself, you may find that the expertise of an order fulfillment provider will great benefit your campaign.  Your backers want a great experience.  The speed, attention to detail and expertise of a fulfillment provider will give you peace of mind.




It is important to remember that your backers are the first to receive your product.  The way that you treat them will greatly influence your success within the marketplace.  Regular communication is critical to a great customer experience.  Even if the news is bad – such as a delay in manufacturing, customs delays or delays in shipping – communicating those issues as soon as they arise will greatly influence the backers experience.

We suggest communicating to your backers throughout the campaign, when you have reached your goal, during production, during shipping and when orders are being processed.  It’s also important to communicate after the items have arrived.  Engagement with your client can lead to referrals and repeat sales.


Realize Your Costs


Free shipping has become mainstream in e-commerce.  However, shipping is not free.  It is important to analyze your costs before offering this to your customers.  Factors such as location, weight, dimensions and speed influence the shipping cost.  When you add in packaging and the labor to pack the item, you may find that your costs are more than you realize.   Domestic shipping is considerably less costly than international shipping.  International shipping presents its own challenges – customs/duties/brokerage and higher shipping costs are just a few things to consider.


The Bottom Line


Your funded campaign has put your business at a great advantage.  You have a guaranteed revenue stream, but now is the time to focus on the long term.  Contracting with a fulfillment provider such as Lynx Fulfillment can provide a competitive advantage that you may not have considered.  Our expertise will put a warehouse and shipping department at your fingertips.  Furthermore, it will allow you to focus on marketing, customer relations, production and other core functions necessary for business growth.


Should you want to deploy our guaranteed order fulfillment solution please contact Patrick Randolph – or +716 213 6145.


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