First Class Freight Delivery

LP Fulfillment (formerly Lynx Fulfillment) is uniquely positioned to work with numerous logistics providers.  Our partnerships extend beyond just one company.  We can introduce you to freight forwarders, cartage providers, customs brokers and domestic carriers.  This unique relationship gives you full access to their staff and allows you, as a small business owner, to benefit with fantastic freight delivery services at incredibly low rates.


Phenomenal? Yes! Unbelievable? No way.


LP Fulfillment helps you easily manage freight moving from any point in the world to any other point. Whether you need to ship one pallet, an entire truckload, or a whole container of products; our freight moving services span across the globe! If you have a retail store with products coming and going to multiple vendors, suppliers and wholesalers, this vital service is a great accompaniment to our existing fulfillment and shipping services. What’s more, we can provide this unique service without your shipment ever touching our warehouse.


Key features of our Fulfillment Logistics freight delivery services include a unique “Bill of Lading” sent to the shipper; giving you hands-off manageability as a business owner. We handle domestic shipments from across town to across the country, as well as all international freight deliveries. You have one point of contact to work with, which gives you greater control of the process. Plus, you’ll have access to people in offices around the globe that can facilitate your freight shipments and put you in touch with people who speak your language. Now you’re talking!


Let us handle your inventory from the manufacturer to the end user.


Our logistics gives you worldwide potential! Get more details today. 866-344-8591.

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