Order Desk partners with Lynx Fulfillment

Lynx Fulfillment is proud to partner with Order Desk.


Order Desk’s import service can automatically pull your orders from Amazon, Bigcommerce, eBay, or your FoxyCart shopping cart and then pass these orders on to Lynx Fulfillment for fulfillment. Your Order Desk account also gives you access to advanced order management, automation, payment gateway management, reporting, and a lot more:


  • Sort your orders into folders to keep track of the status of each order
  • See your order overview at a glance
  • Create custom folders to match your business’ workflow
  • Customize each folder’s columns to see the details you want
  • Change a shipping address
  • Make a refund
  • Email tracking numbers
  • Hold an order for review


Order Desk makes this easy!


How It Works

For standard Order Desk users, Order Desk will download your new orders once a day from your shopping cart (Bigcommerce, Amazon, etc). You can either automatically submit these orders to Lynx Fulfillment or you can review them and submit them whenever you want. Orders with multiple shipments are split to multiple orders and digital products are ignored.


After Lynx Fulfillment ships your orders, the tracking details are submitted back to Order Desk and from there, the tracking information is automatically sent back to Bigcommerce or Amazon.


Order Desk can be configured to automatically email a shipment notice and tracking link to your customers or you could use your shopping carts email tools or even Lynx Fulfillment’s automated emails.


You have the ability to match your shopping cart’s shipment method to Lynx Fulfillment’s shipping options.


All orders are logged and you can view the history and actions taken on every order.


Order Desk Pro users benefit from even greater capabilities and can have orders automatically downloaded every hour.


To learn more please visit:       Order-Desk-Logo.

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