Our Guarantee

Lynx Fulfillment eliminates your risk by offering the best service guarantee in the industry. We back this guarantee with a dedicated management team. If you happen to find a better guarantee anywhere, Lynx Fulfillment will beat it!

The Lynx Fulfillment Service Guarantee

1. 100% Customer Satisfaction

Lynx Fulfillment guarantees that we will do whatever it takes to meet your fulfillment needs, including any last minute requests. You can expect to receive friendly and responsive service from Lynx Fulfillment, your partner in warehousing and fulfillment.

2. Same Day Shipping

Lynx Fulfillment guarantees same day shipment on all real-time orders placed before 2 p.m. ET Monday through Friday (holidays excluded) at no additional cost.

3. Batch Shipping

Lynx Fulfillment guarantees shipment of all batch upload orders within one business day at no additional charge.

4. From Receiving Dock to Orders in One Business Day or Less

After initial inventory transfer, Lynx Fulfillment guarantees that within one business day, all incoming items will be catalogued, counted, inventoried (both on and offline) and ready for shipment.

5. Accurate Inventory

Lynx Fulfillment guarantees online inventory numbers will be accurate within 1% of its actual quantity for literature and 100% accurate for product. We also guarantee rapid turnaround for requested physical inventory counts.

6. Low Inventory Alert

Lynx Fulfillment guarantees to alert you when your inventory drops below the level you specify to ensure you always have the products you need in stock.

7. 3 Month Guarantee

If during the first three months of service you are not 100% satisfied, Lynx Fulfillment will ship your inventory to a Continental US-based fulfillment provider of your choice.



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