Quality Call Center Service Starts With You!

How do you take a good company and make it great?  It starts with an unrelenting focus on providing exceptional customer service.  This is why it is crucial that you find a call center provider that can meet the expectations of your brand and its customers.


Before you get too far ahead of yourself, greatness starts with training.  A call center will have an orientation period for new hires.  This orientation period is a time for the call center managers to evaluate the staff, their skill set and the potential match to clients.  In our case, our agents are put through a rigorous program ranging from friendliness, inflection and tone right on to de-escalation, hostility management, diffusion and customer retention.


They must meet quality standards before touching the phone.  But even after passing the necessary standards – the training is just beginning.  As a client of a call center you should provide as much product knowledge as you can.  Frequently Asked Questions and Call Scripting should be provided.  If you are selling a product, samples are always helpful.  A general history about your company, its start, growth and future are all beneficial.  Remember, this person is answering the call as if they work for you.


But is this really necessary?  From experience, not always, but it will help to lower costs and give the agents a foundation to build on.  As they encounter new situations they are better able to work through them while providing a high level of service.


The call center should be able to provide you with an update list of FAQ’s and make suggestions as you continue to grow.  The communication should not just be from the call center to your customer, but also from the call center to you.  Over the years, we’ve made suggestions such as providing the FAQ’s on the website which have resulted in significant cost savings.


The days of someone answering the phone and taking an order are over.  Customers expect to have an expert answer their questions while providing efficient and effective service.  To do that it starts with you.  Providing clear, concise and continuous feedback is critical to the success of your business.



Lynx Fulfillment operates a call center at its Olean, NY facility.  The commitment is to providing the very best service from a U.S. based/U.S. staffed call center capable of handing inbound order processing, customer service, chat and email support.


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