The Lynx team from top to bottom is professional and skilled with a superb attention to detail. Powerful systems and flexible operations handle all sorts of demands from one item to one customer on up to pallets on the way to Amazon. Lynx is responsive and precise. I could not be more pleased with the experience. Highly recommended. 

Jeffrey Dame, Hypoluxe, Inc.

 As a new startup, we looked at a variety of order fulfillment companies (not Lynx) and chose a company. We found them to be expensive, uncooperative, and unwilling to train their people on our product. After a month, we started searching for another order fulfillment company. We found Lynx and they provided the opposite of the first company plus more – reasonable rates, amazingly cooperative and willing to train everyone in the company on our products from the owner/manager, Patrick Randolph, on down. We consider Lynx to be a secret competitive advantage for us. Over and over people respond at the speed of delivery, the excellent customer service and how friendly and professional the Lynx people are. In addition, Patrick has become a treasured advisor as we grow our business. His knowledge, his patience, and his organization are critical to our success and we consider them to be part of the HDS MEDALLION family. You can’t go wrong with them! 


 Lynx Fulfillment is one of the easiest and most accommodating service providers we have ever worked with. Their commitment, attention to detail, proactive initiatives, honesty and hard work have been key factors in helping our company, and our relationship with them, grow. 

Cathy Richards, Wellness Foods

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