The Fulfillment Process

Understanding the Fulfillment Process


Many people find it difficult to understand the exact roles and responsibilities of a fulfillment company. It is common to confuse fulfillment services with shipping services, even though the two are quite different. Let’s take a closer look at what is encompassed by the fulfillment process.


Storing Inventory


Unlike shipping companies, fulfillment companies will actually store your inventory in a warehouse until there is an order. The company should allow your business to view and monitor the warehouse inventories through a web portal. When the warehouse is low the warehouse should provide a mechanism to warn you of the inventory level.


Processing and Fulfilling Orders


As soon as a customer places an order, the fulfillment service should be notified. This can be done either through code that integrates the warehouse with your online store.  This is ideal as it allows for you to be hands off.  The other options include sending orders using a spreadsheet (often called batch upload) or manually entering an order directly into the Order Management System.  Some fulfillment centers allow for email and faxing of orders.


The center will then be responsible for packaging and shipping the order to the correct address. It is important to choose a reliable and experienced fulfillment company because if the package arrives late or damaged, the customer is going to blame your business and not the fulfillment service.


Returns and Exchanges


One of the biggest hassles faced by any business is returns and exchanges. The fulfillment service can remove this burden from your business. The fulfillment company can execute your business’ policies regarding returns and complete all of the tasks for you.


Fulfillment centers are most commonly utilized by the many eCommerce businesses that are emerging. These services typically enable online businesses to benefit from better customer service, faster delivery times, and reduced expenses. The fulfillment service also reduces all of the stress and hassle associated with fulfilling orders and allows the business to focus on product development, sales and marketing.


If you are interested in using fulfillment services for your business, request a quote from Lynx Fulfillment.

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