Watch what happens in just three months

Seize the opportunity to take your business through the next phase of growth by partnering with LP Fulfillment (formerly Lynx Fulfillment)! If you’re teetering on a crossroads of looking back and moving forward, this is a chance for you to fulfill those dreams that you’d hoped to accomplish when you first started your business, whether that was last week or a few years ago.


Just like you, we strive to be known as industry leaders at what we do. That’s why our business model and underlying principles have been designed with high emphasis on customer service. We continue upgrading and keeping up with new technologies that enable us to bring you higher value at less cost, yet without cutting corners.


We promise you’ll be pleased with LP Fulfillment’s services, but if after three months you are unhappy for any reason, we will ship your inventory to another U.S. based fulfillment center at our expense. That’s how confident we are in our ability to help you achieve excellent customer service and improved time and management of resources.


LP Fulfillment gives you many “ S.T.R.E.A.M.S.” of possibilities… just take a look!




  • Speed : Both inbound orders and outbound shipments are processed expeditiously. Your entire incoming inventory is cataloged and accounted for within one business day and ready to send your customers. When they order by 2 p.m. on any given weekday (non-holiday), your customer’s orders will be sent the same day!
  • Transparency : LP Fulfillment works as your partner, using real tools to help you manage orders, shipping and even phone calls. Our back-end fulfillment lets you put your company’s best face forward while we work behind-the-scenes with maximum effort. You’ll never be pushed to the wayside or shuffled through a system. Our approach is transparent to give you the ultimate business growth potential.
  • Responsibility : Our guarantee is unsurpassed within the fulfillment industry. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%, including any last-minute requests. If you’re not happy within your first three months of service, we will ship your entire inventory to any US-based fulfillment company of your choice. We maintain full accountability for the promises you make to your customers for speedy and accurate delivery.
  • Experience : We’re the best at what we do and have 50+ years of combined industry experience at your fingertips. Let us be part of your team and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish with your business!
  • Accuracy : LP Product Fulfillment guarantees online inventory accuracy within 1% of its actual quantity and 100% for product. If we mess up your order, we fix and ship it free!
  • Management : You maintain better control of your inventory, time and resources with us. We provide “real-time” accounts of your stock, simple viewing of data through our software and easy integration to connect our system to yours. With LP Fulfillment, you have the power and we’ve got your back.
  • Service : Just tell us what you need and we can help. Our services stretch beyond just the domestic marketplace to let you reach a global audience. Connect with your customers and broaden your reach with improved customer service and manageability.


So, where will your business be in just 3 short months? Partner with us today, and you’ll see! Call 866-344-8591 or get a quote here.

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