The Significance of an Order Fulfillment Center

The order fulfillment center is one of the most misunderstood business opportunities for small businesses.  The center works hard to pack and ship orders timely and accurately.  When shipping orders there are many factors to keep in mind.  If orders are slow to be processed, arrive damaged or are incorrectly shipped the reputation of the seller can be damaged.


Generally, a small business will benefit the most from services offered by a fulfillment center.  Such centers can provide a savings on warehousing, packing materials and shipping.  The most successful small businesses will outsource their supply chain management to an order fulfillment center that is able to meet their needs while saving them time, money and hassle.


Not all fulfillment centers are created equal.  As you go through the process of researching centers you should review their offerings, guarantees and service levels.  It is important not to be disillusioned with price alone.  A good fulfillment center will provide you time while cutting packaging and shipping costs.  But perhaps the greatest benefit is that a center will be able seamlessly scale as your business grows and contracts.


There are various sized small business fulfillment companies. The largest is not always the best as you become one of many small businesses that they help, but require you fit within their business model.  Smaller fulfillment providers are capable of providing a more personalized approach that can help with all areas of your business.


How can order fulfillment center bring greater profits?


There are a lot of companies that are skeptical of order fulfillment companies because they feel it is an extra expense.  By deploying a fulfillment solution you are bringing experts in warehousing, shipping and other areas to your business.  The fulfillment center is able to advise on packaging, shipping and warehousing.  The center uses its staff and takes out the need for you to hire staff, train them, discipline them and lay them off as your businesses seasonality grows and contracts.  A great partner can even save you on shipping costs, improve your customer satisfaction and let you focus on growing your business.


How to spot the best companies?


You cannot afford to choose the wrong order fulfillment company.  Finding a fulfillment company with a strong satisfaction guarantee policy is critical.  As you review companies you should pay particular attention to their service levels, shipping commitments and customer testimonials.


The right small business fulfillment partner can take your business to levels never before seen.  Deploy the solution that most closely matches your business needs and focus on what matters most to you – growing your business.

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