Do You See The Value?

What is this going to cost me?


That’s the most common question asked of me by prospective clients.  I can go into the hard numbers after asking eleven questions.  Such things as:


How much space do you need?

How many orders do you ship per month?

How many items per order?

How many SKU’s?

Do you ship in boxes and envelopes or are the items ready for shipment as is?

Are the items fragile?

What type of void fill do you prefer?

Where are your clients located?

How many returns can we expect monthly?

Do you need customer support?

How will you transmit orders? 


From those questions it is easy to put together a proposal, but is that really what you want?  The better question should start with the first question that I ask of prospective clients:  What do you want to accomplish by outsourcing your warehousing and fulfillment?  You see, this question is the single most important factor in building a successful fulfillment program.


Speed – How quickly do you want your orders shipped?  In today’s highly competitive marketplace having your product in your customers hands before they have a chance to wonder where it is at is critical.  It’s one of the reasons they will re-order.  Failure to ship it quickly can lead to increased customer service costs and lost future sales.  What do you value rapid turnaround time at?


Accuracy – I often hear that someone just cares that an order arrives quickly.  Speed is important, but what if an order is incorrect?  The client is upset, they email or call you, you or your employees have to research the error, respond to the disappointed client, ship the replacement, figure out a way to return the incorrect item and communicate yet again with your sincerest apologies.  The lost opportunity costs, loss of future sales, increased customer service costs, increased shipping costs and potential loss of reputation can really hurt.  What is the value of accuracy to you?


Scalability – Where do you/will you store your inventory?  Do you have room to grow?  Are you paying for space you are not using?  What is the cost of adding another employee?  What happens if one of your staff is out sick?  Do you lay off staff when sales are slow and hire on when sales volume increases?  A fulfillment center gives you the flexibility to flex and contract as your business does.  What is the value you associate with scalability?


Hassle – How often have you visited the USPS, FedEx or UPS websites?  Have you ever tried to research the regulations for shipping internationally?  How about the regulations for storing and shipping nutritional supplements?  Lot or serial number tracking?  Do you know what each carrier requires to file a claim?  These are just a few of the things that companies like Lynx Fulfillment keep track of.  Reducing the headaches associated with storing and shipping your inventory must worth something, right?


Time – When you started your business, you dreamed of the freedom that it was going to give you.  Now that your business has grown, your free time has become scarce.  Even if you have been able to take a holiday, you were worried about the business and what awaited you on your return.  Or perhaps you have been meaning to research your next product line or begin the marketing campaign that is going to take your business to the next level.  If only you had a bit more time to do these things and less time having to manage your inventory, pack boxes and deal with employee issues.  A fulfillment company takes away the barriers that impede growth.  You can focus on your core competencies and enjoy the time away from the business as you had dreamed.


I have given just a few examples of the value add that Lynx Fulfillment brings to your business.  The reality is that this just starts to scratch the surface.  Just for this bit of value you are probably thinking – “they must be expensive!”  That could not be further from the truth though.  At Lynx Fulfillment, we are focused on putting together a customized fulfillment program that not only meets your needs, but anticipates your future needs.  With rates starting as low as $100 per month – go ahead – request a quote.


Yours In Fulfillment,




Patrick Randolph

Founder and Managing Partner


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